Unsubscribe from the Woman Within print catalog

Unsubscribe from the Woman Within print catalog
Photo by Madrona Rose / Unsplash

Are you tired of receiving catalogs that you never asked for? If you've received a mailer from Woman Within, it's easy to cancel these magazines online.

The web address is simple: womanwithin.com/catalog-preferences

While the text at the top of the page is a bit misleading – it indicates the form below makes it so you start receiving the catalog—this form gives you an option to stop receiving catalogs, or to simply receive fewer catalogs if you want.

The form on their website will ask you for your address. Be sure to enter it exactly as it's written on the label of the catalog.

You may still receive a catalog or two, since they are prepared well in advance. However, over time, you should stop getting mail from Woman Within.