Unsubscribe from postal mail.

Mel is the easiest way to remove postal mail and other junk from your life.

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Treecard Reward
Sign up for Mel Protection for $25, and get Mel Research Assistant ($99 value) for free! Send Mel photos of anything you no longer want, and Mel will give you locally tailored advice on how to responsibly get rid of it.
Reduce your footprint
Your steps plant trees – now keep those trees in the ground! When you unsubscribe from postal mail, you're taking a stand against wasted paper, plastic, and fuel.
Protect your privacy
Credit card offers and other unwanted mail can include personally identifiable information – just sitting there for anyone to take from your mailbox or garbage bin.
Simplify your life
Declutter your home and bring the joy back into receiving postal mail.

Just text photos of junk


What's included?

Mel Protection ($25 value)

Unlimited postal mail unsubscribes – Includes removal from Direct Marketing Association, The Data & Marketing Association, Equifax, Experian, Innovis, TransUnion, Save.com and Share Local Media

Mel Research Assistant ($99 value)

Get rid of junk — Receive tailored advice on responsibly letting go of clothing, appliances, electronics, household supplies, food, packaging, and more

Stanford Rosenthal


Since 2017, I've been on a mission to stop the deluge of paper mail that ends up in my trash (those plastic windows are not recyclable). It's been a slow, manual process, but I've succeeded! I created Mel to help others rid themselves of physical junk mail.